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I offer seminars  on various topics, centered around how to build a healthy mindset that fuels your best dancing or how to navigate certain difficult or confusing aspects of this career.

speaking & workshops

Guest speaker at...

"5 Steps to Developing a Healthy and High-Performance Mindset"
"How to Let Go of Self-Doubt that Holds You Back"
"They Keys to Developing Authentic Confidence as a Dancer"
"How to Audition with Confidence (to stand out and have fun in the process!)"

Workshop for dance teachers:
“How to Master Communication in order to Effectively Lead, Motivate, and Nurture Students Toward Success.”

Some examples of seminars I have presented in the past are...

"Kirsten taught a workshop for our students and teachers this February, and it was incredible! Everyone was inspired and challenged by her classes and especially her seminar on confidence. She gave tangible tools to help better prepare both our students and teachers achieve their goals. Kirsten has a way of combining both her personal dance experience along with her coach training which sheds a new light on a dancer's world. We are grateful for her time and look forward to having her back!" 

- Bethany Sleebos, Owner of Suzanne's School of Dance

"Kirsten gave a workshop for our summer intensive students that was informative, relatable, and inspiring! Her background in dance created trust with the students immediately – they knew that she understood the challenges of dance training and performance. That trust was a great foundation for her to share her expertise in neurolinguistic programming and mindset coaching. We would be happy to have her back to speak with our students again!" 

- Catherine Roe, Educational Programs Manager at Texas Ballet Theater School

“The Point Park community is so grateful to have connected with mindset coach, Kirsten! Her lectures were informative, conversational and above all, fun. Kirsten led an in-depth conversation about healthy mental habits and reframing your perspective. Her kindness could be felt virtually, near or far. We are already looking forward to another session!”

- Heidi Ward, Director of Community & Summer Education at Point Park University

In addition to providing powerful seminars for the dancers’ minds, I am also available to teach ballet classes to intermediate or advanced dancers.  The information I share in my ballet classes helps dancers to further assimilate the strategies for creating mindset shifts I share with them in the seminars.

Here are the core physical and mental concepts that I instruct on in my personal teaching method:

Proper turnout and placement from a kinesiological perspective 
Individual Artistry 
Proper muscular engagement to enhance strength and technique
Energetic presentation
How to be an engaged student
How learn quickly according to your personal learning style

Energetic presentation
How to be an engaged student
How learn quickly according to your personal learning style

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