Ditch the self doubt, and create a mindset that fuels your best work yet.

Mindset Coaching for Ballet Dancers

I've so been there, and I'm here to partner with you to change that! Dancers are so used to working on their physical game to accomplish their goals with little to no support to help them with their mental game. Through mindset coaching, I provide a space for dancers to optimize their mindset so that they can perform and accomplish their goals with confidence and ease.

Instead of waiting for that promotion or part to finally quiet that inner critic, I help dancers identify and let go of the beliefs and mental patterns that are holding them back, so we can then create a mindset rooted in confidence that is the cause, not the side-effect, of their success.

Tired of your mind hindering you more than it's helping you in the studio?

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mindset Coaching

Are you a teacher or studio owner looking to empower your students to become highly effective people, not just dancers? 

As a mindset coach, I provide engaging presentations for groups of dancers on topics such as...

support your students' mental and physical development


"How to Establish a Healthy Sense of Confidence"

"How to Let Go of Limiting Beliefs about Your Abilities as a Dancer"

"How to Audition with Confidence (to Stand Out and Have Fun in the Process!)"

As a ballet instructor, it is my passion to create highly-motivating and empowering classes using both my ballet background and coaching expertise. This integrated approach is geared towards helping students grow in both their confidence and technique through movement and self discovery.  


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From it's humble beginnings in 2011 (and by "humble" I mean filming alongside my twin sister on our webcam), TwinTalksBallet has grown into a global online community of nearly 20,000 dancers on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. 

TwinTalksBallet is a platform where I share everything I wish I new on my journey as a young,  aspiring dancer trying to work her way up from a small studio. Whether you are looking for tips on how to rock audition season or you want to know the honest, rarely discussed truth about real issues within the dance community, you're sure to find a video or an Instagram post that speaks to whatever point you find yourself at in your dance journey.

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