High-level, individualized technical instruction combined with the power of mindset coaching designed to help you make a quantum leap in your technique and confidence.

Mindset + movement technique accelerator

Think of MMTA as a private summer intensive program for your mind and body designed to help you create the mental and physical shifts you need to get unstuck in the “trouble areas” of your technique. You know, the things you probably have said you need to “fix” or that you’re just “bad at” for years. The things that continually cause you to feel frustrated, defeated, and hopeless, or perhaps even jealous of other dancers who seem to master these movements so naturally. 
I get it! You may think you’re just inherently flawed or incapable at this point, but what’s probably going on (that’s totally changeable) are a few sneaky, but detrimental, mental blocks and a technical approach that is either inefficient or unsuitable for your body. 

My philosophy is that dancing beautifully and reaching your technical goals can be easier than you think with the proper mental frame and understanding of how your body works. I also strongly believe that, unless your mind is on board with your mission, you will likely spend years and copious amounts of effort... 


Tired your technique limiting your confidence and your future?

Getting so frustrated and throwing in the towel before you can create a significant improvement

Developing one limiting belief after another about your abilities (lowering your confidence and causing you to hold back from pursuing opportunities for advancement)

Becoming blind to what you’re actually capable of doing well

Letting one little mistake spiral into a terrible class

Not even being aware of what personal qualities you have to show off on stage or in auditions (leading to self-doubt and comparisonitis)

Or creating technical habits you’ll only need to unlearn later

I’m here to help you shift that and put the belief back in your mind that you CAN make these changes, and you CAN develop a new mental and physical approach. An approach that will help you to have an empowered attitude towards your ability to dance beautifully and your potential to reach your career or training goals.

features of the program

9 hrs of private instruction over Zoom (6, 1.5 hr sessions) which will be adapted to help you create noticeable improvement in your trouble spots and get you closer to your personal technical and career goals.

A recording of every session so that you can continually revisit your insights and my instruction

High-level instruction on how to find the optimal placement and muscular engagement for your body type (one that is safe from a kinesiological perspective and meets professional standards)

Mindset coaching to help you overcome the mental blocks that have been inhibiting your confidence & your performance, plus mindset strategies to help you consistently improve and perform your best, even in stressful scenarios.

Strategies from Neurolinguistic Programming that will equip you to interrupt negative thought patterns, rebound from frustrating moments, and program your mind for success.

Pilates Mat exercise recommendations to strengthen the specific areas of your body that would aid you most in improving your overall strength and technique

Personalized educational resource recommendations to assist your growth as a dancer

Access to me via text or email for specific questions during the time that you’re enrolled (plus the option to swap part or all of a technique lesson for a mentorship session if you feel you’d benefit from having time to devoted to getting specific questions answered or discussing your training/career strategy)

(Upon request) NLP strategies for learning and retaining choreography/corrections quickly.

(Upon request) Mentorship on how to identify your strengths as a dancer + guidance on how to play up those strengths for auditions

"I recently began the Mindset + Movement Technique Accelerator Program. Even after the first session, my ability and technique noticeably improved. There is no fluff whatsoever. The entire session is packed full of easily applicable, valuable insights and corrections. Kirsten is excellent at breaking down commonly heard phrases and corrections you hear in class and showing how they can be properly applied as well as explore the mindset behind your dancing. This and the fact that it is personalized to your individual needs causes you to improve at an accelerated rate. I highly recommended this program to any dancer wanting to obtain high end and professional excellence in their dancing as well as overall confidence and hope."

- Liberty Victoria B., Pre-Professional Ballet Dancer

"When I came to Kirsten, I had a fair amount of things to improve upon in my technique, but the amazing thing about Kirsten is that she has a miraculous ability to phrase corrections in a positive and helpful way. She has insightful corrections to offer both in therms of ballet and human anatomy. She is also realistic about what the human body can achieve and has great advice on how to get the best technique while avoiding any possible injuries. She showed me how to retrain certain muscles, and she thoughtfully used phrases that helped me to easily feel these concepts in my body.  Proper alignment is so important in ballet technique, and Kirsten has some of the best concepts on how to achieve proper alignment without breaking the body! 

Through combining her expertise as a Mindset Coach with her knowledge as a dancer and teacher, I saw huge improvements in my technique even after my very first class with her. In addition to helping me with my technique, she gave me encouragement and advice that truly shifted my mindset in a positive way.  I would have never been able to predict that shifting my mindset would lead to such positive results in my technique, but what I have seen in the mirror is proof enough for me! I have never seen such quick improvements in my dancing until I started to work with Kirsten. Any dancer who is even slightly interested in improving their technique and their confidence should work with Kirsten!"

- Erika D., Pre-Professional Ballet Dancer

*Updated testimonial from Erika!*

"I have been taking class from Kirsten for several months now, and looking back at my dancing before Kirsten it would be difficult to recognize that I am the same dancer. My dancing has improved so much, but more importantly than that my mindset has developed. I no longer feel like I am my insecurities, and I now understand that a positive mindset is so important to be able to improve. I also understand that it’s okay to have a bad day just as long as you can push through and learn from it. I am so grateful and lucky to have found Kirsten, and I am definitely a better dancer (and person) thanks to her coaching!"

- Erika D., Pre-Professional Ballet Dancer

"If you want to challenge yourself to help your dancing go to the next level this program is for you. As dancers we have to be smart, and having that self-realization that comes from so many hours of individual training is the best way to learn the most about yourself and become for intelligent as a dancer. Especially going to into college next semester, I am so grateful I got that one-on-one training from Kirsten to help prepare me for more advanced training. Private coaching may seem intimidating if you've never done it before, but Kirsten created a really friendly and encouraging environment that I was very comfortable in.

For anyone on the fence about investing in themselves in the way, view this as your personal investment in your future. The skills you get from this program will give you a much better chance at succeeding in future auditions, leading to better opportunities, so take the time now to train and prepare yourself!"

- Ella Lakey, Pre-Professional Ballet Dancer

*From a dancer who just started the program!*

"I just started the Mindset + Movement Technique Accelerator program, and it’s already helping me to fix issues in my technique that have been there for years. I have been blown away at how much I have learned and grown in such a short time. Working with Kirsten is helping me to build strong technique and the process has given me hope and confidence in my dancing."

- Mallory C., College Student and Pre-Professional Ballet Dancer

"The Mindset + Movement Technique Accelerator has had a huge positive impact on me physically and mentally. The program has not only improved my technique but continues to reshape how I think about myself and my dancing.  MMTA  has taught me to see myself differently and approach my thinking to be more open, accepting, flexible, and supportive, allowing me to feel more confident about myself, stronger when approaching different situations or challenges, and more capable as I continue to build strength both in my body and my mentality."


- Lauren M., Pre-Professional Ballet Dancer

"During my experience with Kirsten, I was able to improve not only my goals that I already had for myself, but I was able to fix elements of my technique that I had never even thought about! My mindset has definitely improved in the past six weeks, and I am learning to accept who I am as a dancer, and I am learning to grow as much as I can with the best possible mindset. Kirsten was so encouraging if I got frustrated with myself during my lesson, and it truly opened my eyes to how there is room for mistakes because seeing them as a learning opportunity instead of proof I'm no good as a dancer is the best way to grow. "

- Ryleigh G., Soloist with Louisiana Delta Ballet  

"I'm an adult dancer returning to dance after many years. In my classes, we mostly get general class corrections and not much personal attention. One-on-one coaching sessions with Kirsten have allowed me to achieve a few breakthroughs in both my technique and mindset. She could see things I couldn't see. She was able to help me improve my technique which, as I continue to integrate her suggestions over time, will help my stability and strength, improving my overall ability to dance.

 She also had great recommendations for the correct technique and mindset to breakthrough my nemesis, extensions (especially to the side). She has a great manner of coaching so that it was quite easy to understand and apply her recommendations - and we both had fun and laughed! I'd definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their dancing!  

- Mary N., Adult Recreational Dancer

Former professional dancer with the Oklahoma City Ballet 

So I know what it takes to get to the professional level and how to help other dancers get there!

BFA in Ballet from the University of Utah (specifically trained in pedagogy (teaching methodology) and one full year of kinesiology for dancers)

This in depth understanding allows me to masterfully guide dancers in how to approach technique, placement, and muscular engagement in a way that is safe (reducing risk of injury) in addition to allowing each dancer to create beautiful lines and movements in a way that is most efficient for their bodies

Mindset Coach for Dancers (IBCP Board-Certified as a Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming)

This means that, throughout our sessions, I will be guiding and speaking to you in a way that builds your confidence, instills a belief in you that you CAN improve in the ways that you desire, dissolves old beliefs and ways of thinking that have been keeping you stuck and frustrated, puts you at ease and allows you to pick up combinations and implement corrections easily according to your personal learning style!

Trained at top institutions such as Houston Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, Ballet West, Atlanta Ballet, the University of Utah, Oklahoma City Ballet, etc. 

So I am aware of the training methods used in world-class ballet schools and what kind of training it takes to develop a dancer’s technique to that caliber!

Balanced Body trained Pilates instructor (Mat 1&2, Reformer 1&2)

This means that I will be happy to suggest pilates exercises you can do between our sessions to balance your strength, make you more resilient to injuries, and improve your technique in ways that are specific to your personal goals!

the background I will be bringing into our sessions

Ready to surprise yourself with how amazing it feels to tap into potential you didn’t know you had? Let’s talk about partnering together to take you to the level in your technique and your career that you’ve always wanted!

Your investment:
$900 USD or two, monthly payments of $475 USD 

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Questions? Reach out to me via email at kirsten@kirstenkemp.com, and I will be happy to assist you!