Having been there as a dancer myself, those feelings are totally understandable, but will they really get you any closer to that contract you’ve worked so hard for?  

Probably not, right!? In fact, if you let all that uncertainty and all those negative emotions around auditions run wild, you might be setting yourself up for a springtime of frustration and angst with nothing to show for it at the end. 

Over my years working the audition circuit, I got so tired of feeling like I was supposed to be stressed out of my mind and full of self-doubt just because that seems to be the normal way to think. I realized that there is an imaginary script handed to us as dancers that says auditions are supposed to trigger stress and insecurities, and we all have the opportunity to follow that script or to choose a more empowering approach!

After realizing as a dancer that there is a better way to audition and through my experience as a Mindset Coach, I have collected an abundance of key practices, strategies, and mental reframes that have allowed me and the dancers I have coached individually to walk into auditions with a calm sense of confidence, knowing what they have to offer and what it takes to stand out from the crowd. 

When applied, these strategies not only make the process of auditioning exciting and fun, they also give you your best chance at receiving the offers you've worked so hard to get!

Now I have created a program that packages all of these strategies and delivers them to you in a fun and easy to implement way. 

This is a unique group coaching program that will prepare your mind and your materials for a successful audition season. In this program, I will be giving you practical guidance and mentorship on how to prepare your resume, video, etc. so that you look like a professional on paper, PLUS there is a virtual group and individual coaching component where I walk you through the process of replacing any fear or doubt you may have with the confidence to go out there and show your best. 

Think of Ace Your Auditions Academy as your one stop shop for getting prepped for success. With this program, you will be able to walk into your auditions excited to show what you’ve got, and walk out confident in the fact that you did your best regardless of the outcome. 

It’s called the "Ace Your Auditions Academy"!

Trainings on how to create a great resume, send good emails, choose the best pictures, and leverage your network to get more exposure and opportunities 

*Have your materials reviewed and edited by me (Kirsten, your cheerleader and guide through this program!) 

Access to the AYAA Facebook group to ask your questions or network with other dancers who may have experience with the companies you’re auditioning for

6 Weekly group coaching calls to help you boost your confidence, understand and operate in your individuality, and actually have a pleasurable (and prosperous!) audition season

Live Q&A in the group video calls, and the opportunity to watch the call recording and ask your questions later if you can’t make it to the live call

*A private, 60-minute mindset coaching call with me, a Master Practitioner of NLP

*An individual 30-minute strategy session with me where we will go over your audition schedule and make sure that you are choosing the best companies for you

Have the option to connect with dancers from most any company you’re considering auditioning for (30 min call with them for $30)

The option to book additional individual coaching calls with me at a discounted rate once you're in the program

*The option to have your audition video edited for you by Sarah from Sarah Gets Reel (you can check out her work here)

THE BONUS THAT BRINGS THE FUN: A virtual “Pizza party” wrap up call where I send everybody money over Venmo to grab their favorite pizza, hop on a Zoom call for one last time and share stories, lessons, and the things we each have to celebrate! This is how we will go out with a bang! 

*indicates that this feature is included only in the "All Access" or "Premium" versions of the program

Here's what's included in the program

here's how the program will work

Immediately after enrollment:
In the group Facebook page, you will have immediate access upon enrolling to a curated selection of videos from my YouTube channel, TwinTalksBallet, to help get healthy expectations set in place for audition season and to guide you as you formulate your plan for what companies are best to audition for and how you will maximize your chances of getting an offer. 

If you choose to get your audition video edited by Sarah, I will put you in contact to get started with her immediately after enrollment. 

Starting January 1st:
You can begin asking any questions you may have in the Facebook page, and send your video, resume, photos, or cover letters to me for review and feedback within 24 hours. 

On January 7th:
You will also have access to video trainings on how to craft your resume, how to send good emails, how to schedule private auditions when possible, and how to leverage your network appropriately to get opportunities. 

You may now schedule your individual coaching call and strategy session with me if you have enrolled in the version of this program that includes those features. 

After January 8th:
Weekly group coaching calls begin! 
*exact time of the calls will be voted on by students after enrollment. If a dancer is not able to make it on a video call live, recordings will always be available in the Facebook page and I will answer any questions posted in the comments. 

Here are the topics for the group coaching calls: 

Call #1: The mindset and traits a dancer needs to have their best chance at success (+ common ways of thinking that hold dancers back)

Call #2: Defining your personal brand

Call #3: Overcoming imposter syndrome and increasing your confidence

Call #4: Handling “No’s” and learning how to shine instead of shrink under pressure

Call #5: Staying motivated, encouraged, and strong through the entire season

Call #6: TBA

Anytime: Get advice and connect with other dancers in the program in the Facebook page. 

For a small added fee of $30, get connected with dancers in companies you’re considering auditioning for to ask your questions via message or over a 15 minute call. 

Celebrate your wins and get accountability for the changes you’ll be making alongside dancers who are just as excited as you are to make this audition season a positive, successful experience!

Imagine having the unnecessary guesswork taken out of the audition process for you. In the Ace Your Auditions Academy, you will have at your fingertips the guidance and feedback needed to look like a real professional on paper and in your communications. 

Imagine feeling supported and excited to show your best work without letting your fears or insecurities undermine your potential after engaging in our fun and informative group coaching calls. 

Imagine cutting away the confusion with the ability to ask any and everything in the facebook page. In the Ace Your Auditions Academy, you can expect to be calm and proud that you are owning your results and preparing yourself to shine instead of shrink when the pressure is on. 

Imagine being able to see all your strengths and assets clearer than you ever have before with my teachings on how to understand your exact “personal brand” as a dancer. Knowing what you’re “selling” is KEY to showing yourself well in auditions. You’ll have all this nailed down so that when you step into your auditions, you aren’t wondering why they heck anyone would choose you when inevitably, other dancers have better technique or a slimmer body. 

Imagine feeling instantly reassured when you hear the encouraging words of me and your fellow dancers in this program in your head as you show up to studios packed full of anxious energy and unfamiliar faces. 

Imagine having a calm and objective view of auditions that gives you the freedom to have fun and enjoy your life throughout the audition process. You’ll be primed for that reality with the mental reframes and techniques I'll share to release limiting beliefs or negative emotions from your past that keep you from dancing and feeling your best. 



All access enrollment

Have your video expertly edited for you

Get your materials personally reviewed and edited by me

One 60-minute private mindset coaching call with me, a Master Practitioner of NLP

One 30-minute strategy call where you and I will review your audition schedule to make sure you're pursuing the best opportunities for you

A spot in all of the group coaching calls

Lifetime access to the group Facebook page, video trainings, and call recordings

Value: $1100+
Your Investment: $647 
(OR 2 monthly payments of $337)

Premium enrollment

Get your materials personally reviewed and edited by me

One 60-minute private mindset coaching call with me, a Master Practitioner of NLP

One 30-minute strategy call where you and I will review your audition schedule to make sure you're pursuing the best opportunities for you

A spot in all of the group coaching calls

Lifetime access to the group Facebook page, video trainings, and call recordings

Value: $975+
Your Investment: $527
(OR 2 monthly payments of $277)

Basic enrollment

Access to video trainings and templates for putting together your own audition materials (no feedback or revisions by me)

A spot in all of the group coaching calls

Lifetime access to the group Facebook page (where you can absolutely get individual support by posting your questions!), video trainings, and call recordings

Value: $700+
Your Investment: $347
(OR 2 monthly payments of $187)

act fast and save $$$! prices will increase by $50 for each level of enrollment to better reflect the value of this program after January 3rd at 11:59pm cst


This program is the only one of its kind. Though mindset coaching is available to dancers and wonderful mentoring can absolutely be done by your teachers if they have recent experience in the industry, there is no other online program out there for dancers that pairs both. 

In this program, you’re not only going to feel prepared, excited, and ready to get out there and show what you’ve got thanks to the transformation in your mindset I will be facilitating in our group coaching calls, you will also feel confident handing your materials over to the judges and representing yourself well over email when the dancing is done and it’s time to seal the deal. 

Since you could have the most professional materials in the world and still let your imposter syndrome undermine your auditions, and you can have the best auditions but still let your uninformed audition strategy leave you jobless in June, this program will help you solve both sides of the equation to make sure you are prepared to do your absolute best to get the results you’ve worked so hard for. Knowing you’ve done your absolute best, you will be able to breath easy that now that you know that whatever your results you get by the end of the season are the ones that are meant to be. No regrets necessary. 


Is this program only for dancers who are auditioning for professional ballet companies?

Though this program is mostly geared towards dancers who are planning to audition for professional companies, it is also wonderful for dancers who are auditioning for dance programs in universities! If that’s you, I’d love to support you!

Why is this program not necessarily for dancers who are auditioning for summer programs? 

Though I am certain that many dancers who are auditioning for summer programs exclusively would greatly benefit from the mindset coaching in this program, some of the guidance on preparing materials and emails won’t necessarily be applicable to auditioning for summer programs as there is typically less preparation and strategy involved in getting accepted to a summer program verses getting into a company. 

Will I be required to bare my soul in front of strangers on the group coaching calls?

No way! Though this group is a safe space to express how you’re feeling, you are in no way obligated to share anything you feel uncomfortable sharing. Additionally, a majority of the time we spend on our calls will be focused on the concepts, exercises, and lessons I will be sharing through my instruction. You will be invited to consider questions internally and share your answers with the group only if you feel comfortable. If you have something deeper that you would like to process through and release, you are absolutely welcome to schedule an additional private, 75-minute coaching call with me for $150. 

Lastly, all information shared by group members will be kept strictly confidential outside of the group. Prior to enrollment, all dancers must agree to uphold this policy. 


I would be happy to answer them either over email or a quick video call!

You can send me your questions via email at kirsten@kirstenkemp.com

Or schedule a free 30-minute conversation over Zoom (a video conferencing app) here so you can be sure this program is the best fit for you before enrolling. 

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